It's time to create & launch your future unicorn

We build brands & digital experiences for businesses that provide real value & challenge the status quo.

We specialise in three domains


Creating brands that stand

the test of time.

Visual Identity

Logo, Color Palette, Brand Concept & Identity

Verbal Identity

Typography, Tone of Voice, Brand Messages

Digital Experiences

Designing experiences to achieve purpose & clarity.


Web/App Design & Prototype

Development (includes copywriting)


Iconography, Flat & Line Art, Typography, Minimal Gifs, Illustrations

Product Launch

Market. Hire real talent. Scale & diversify. 

Market Strategy

Marketing to get your product out (offline & online).

Hiring & Foresight

Hiring genuine talent, Drive &

Freedom within the workspace. 

Fundraising- where/when/how

We take businesses from zero to one & currently focus on three domains


We have no approach or rule book. No best practices that forcibly compartmentalise every product into rows & columns. Because unicorns cannot be built prescriptively. We let the product reveal the path to us & dive directly into the heart of things without wasting time on obvious research & dumbed down processes. We are extremely insightful masters of our craft & very rarely require outside feedback. We obsess over details & always build for the long-term.

Your Idea, Our Intelligence, Love At First Sight. 

Mandeep Rose

Design Samurai

A designer who started his career as an early employee in one of the most sought after design studios & is the recipient of various international design awards, most notably for a digital archival system ideated & designed for Stanford University Libraries. A serial entrepreneur who has built digital masterpieces from the ground up in domains ranging from Healthcare, Edutech, Finance & E-Commerce.

Crisan Raoul

Code Samurai

A coding genius who started off as

an early employee at Betfair. Does not shy away from complex problems, as a matter of fact, is drawn to it. An entrepreneur himself, whose playground is the backend of digital systems where things are intertwined & connected. He is currently the technical head of an Edutech startup & sometimes is able to see through the matrix.  

Bernard Dark

Launch Samurai

A scienstist with MSc in Immunology

from UCL. A Serial Entrepreneur,

he built his first startup utilising Data

Science & Machine Learning to help

people discover their weight loss secret. Although a scientist by profession, he

is also an experienced Digital Marketer,

joined Mclabs Institute in Jacksonville

following his MSc for a year, mastering

his craft in digital marketing. A Virgin

Startup talk host & a mentor to aspiring


The Dream Team

Intelligent. Unconditioned. Devoted.

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Selected Clients

- Uber

- Google

- Stanford Libraries

- Zomato

- Swiggy

- Breaded

- Betfair

- Myntra

- Credit Vidya

- Cura

- Corner House

- Hotstar

- The Hindu